Friday, April 10, 2015

Aboard Once More, In a Limited Capacity

Hello everyone!

It's been a long couple of months, but I'm finally done with the first stage of my Navy career! Boot camp was tough, but now that it's over I can relax just a bit before pouring myself into my new job. However, while I'm back online, I'm not quite back into The Hobby just yet. I'm currently attending some advanced schooling before heading out to the Fleet, so even though I have Internet access, I don't have access to any of my minis or paints. So don't expect anything new for the next few months at least.

In the meantime I can post on the things I do have access to: books. For graduation my mother (a college English professor) gave me a few of the books that I had asked for my birthday (coming up in June) early, as well as a few that she had found on sale and couldn't pass up. Both of us share a love for reading, as well as a weakness for buying books on the cheap, something which my father doesn't really understand but is a good sport about. In keeping with the Napoleonic theme of this blog, here are the three books that she gave me which may be of interest to my fellow fans of the Napoleonic Era:

Any Approaching Enemy by Jay Worrall

The second in Worrall's nautical Napoleonic series continues to follow the career of Captain Charles Edgemont, captain of the HMS Louisa, a frigate in the Royal Navy, during the last years of the Eighteenth Century. The novel begins where the previous one (which I reviewed here) left off, following Edgemont, his brother-in-law Lt. Winchester and his best friend Daniel Bevan into the Mediterranean on a critical mission to find the French. I've only just begun reading it, and I really like Worrall's style. Also, with my new career in the Navy I now have a greater appreciation for nautical books such as this, and I was pleasantly surprised to receive it as a graduation present.

A Sea Unto Itself by Jay Worrall

The third and latest book in the same series. I hope that Mr. Worrall will continue to write books in this series, as I really enjoy his writing style with his intriguing characters and dialogue.

The Emerald Storm by William Dietrich

My mother found this book (along with a bunch of others) in a bargain bin at Kroger for less than five dollars. This is the fifth in a series of historical adventure novels set in the Napoleonic Era which follows the main character Ethan Gage. Now, I normally like to start series from the beginning so I don't miss out on any backstories and other major character-development, but in this case beggars can't be choosers. This novel (according to the back of the jacket) is set in 1803 in the West Indies and involves agents of the French and the British, the makings of a slave rebellion, and a cache of Spanish gold hidden from the conquistadors by Montezuma himself. Sounds like fun! If this one is good, then I'll see about getting the rest of the series.

So I'll have a few fun books to keep me entertained when I'm not hard at work studying. Thanks Mom!

I've spent the last couple of days catching up on the backlog of blog posts which I missed while I was away, and I must say that there has been a lot of good work done! I am so glad that I have found such a good hobby that has allowed me to view others' wonderful work and meet so many good and supportive people online. Speaking of which, I've gained a couple of more followers; a warm welcome goes out to Edward Devine and Ariel El vikingo dark! I hope that my continued, humble efforts will remain worthy of following!

Coming soon: Not much as of yet, but perhaps there will be something of note to post about until I can get my paints and minis in hand once more. I will definitely be checking out everyone else's blogs and ogling their beautifully painted figures in the absence of my own!

Questions, comments and suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated. Thanks for looking!