Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Figures and Thoughts on Artillery

Hello again!


After another week I have now become the proud owner of three boxes of 1/72 plastic Napoleonic miniatures for my 1/72 scale experiment. Here's what came in the lot:

British Rifles, French Guard Artillery and French Imperial Staff, all of which I can use (the Rifles to represent the 3rd Battalion of the 95th at New Orleans, the Guard Artillery for Borodino, and the Staff for command stands).  Hopefully my experiment will be successful and they won't tower over the other figures too much.

Also, I figured it was high time that more Americans were represented, so I purchased a battalion's worth of American infantry from Blue Moon Miniatures. I must say, they look really good, and I'm looking forward to painting them up as the 7th U.S. Infantry Regiment.

Other than that, it's just a few other eBay bids that I have running at the moment: a troop of RHA Congreve rocket artillery and some Portugese infantry. I hope I can score these without too much fuss (I got bid-sniped on the 1/72 plastic lot and had to snipe them back at the last minute).


 I have determined that instead of using one gun to represent a battery (as per the Black Powder rules that I like), for these I will use half of the number of guns actually used in a battery at the time. This means a British battery (which generally consisted of 4 cannon and two howitzers during the Napoleonic wars) will be represented by three guns on the table, an eight gun French battery will be represented by four models, and so on. I think this will look better visually. During movement, however, the entire battery will be represented by one caisson or limber, and each battery will have a battery commander mounted on a separate base. I think this arrangement will work well both visually and practically. Besides, when there is supposed to be a battery, I expect there to be more than one cannon on the table; I'm a sucker for massed guns. :)

Well, that's all I have for the night. Thanks for looking!


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