Saturday, November 14, 2015

New Book, Terrain Bits and Excuses

Hello everyone!

It's been kind of slow here the past few weeks, and for that I apologize. It's not for lack of painting... it's just that I've been painting a 1:1 scale Navy ship instead of my miniatures! I'm hoping that in the next month or two I'll be able to move into a place more conducive to painting productivity than on my ship.

In the mean time in-between time, I've purchased a new book:

"1812: The Navy's War" takes a look at the Napoleonic sideshow fought between the United States and Great Britain that was the War of 1812 from a Naval perspective. This is especially fitting for me, given my current profession, and is incidentally one of the subjects that initially piqued my interest in the Napoleonic timeframe. While I've only just begun this book, it certainly seems promising!

I also picked up a small, plastic, Spanish-style fountain from my local Michael's craft store which I will eventually use for a terrain base. I'm thinking it will be the centerpiece for either a "town square" or "monastery" base for my Peninsular games.

Coming soon: Not much, unfortunately. I may purchase some figures here soon (I have a couple of things  earmarked for myself) but I probably won't be painting anything for the next month or so.

Thanks for looking!