Saturday, November 2, 2013

French Hussars!

Hello everyone!
Wow, two posts in as many days, a new record for me! So, this time I actually kept my promise; here are some French Hussars! (Click the pictures for bigger versions.)

These dashing fellows are painted up as the command stand of the 3e Régiment de Hussards, with the Chef d'escadron in the center on the white horse, the bugler on his left and a trooper on his right. The 3e wore grey uniforms with red facings; to be honest I painted this unit because it is the unit Keith Carradine's character in "The Duellists" is in (if I do any more French hussars it will be the 7e Régiment, the unit Harvey Keitel's character portrays; I love that movie :D ). The bugler wears reversed colors i.e. red jacket and pelisse with grey cuffs.
The two flanking hussars are made by Herritage and are quite a bit smaller than the commander, who is an AB sculpt. The commander is actually not even French; he's AB's Stapleton-Cotton figure from one of AB's British command packs. Luckily hussar uniforms were pretty standard throughout the armies of the period, so only a little clever painting placed him in the right army. :)
Coming up: more hussars maybe? I'm not sure... we'll see what strikes my fancy.
Thanks for looking!

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