Friday, November 1, 2013

(Connaught) Rangers Lead the Way!

Hello everyone!
Another quick update. I finished these lads last night. They are the command stand for the 88th Regiment of Foot (Connaught Rangers). This Irish regiment was a veteran of almost every major British campaign of the Napoleonic Wars and was brigaded with the 45th for the majority of the Peninsular Campaign. They were known as ferocious fighters-it was their charge that secured the town of Fuentes de Onoro from the French during the eponymous battle. 
This stand will the only ones painted from this regiment for a while, since I don't have enough Peninsular British to flesh out a whole 36 man battalion. (Click on the pictures for bigger versions.)

All are the outstanding AB figures and include a drummer, sergeant and pioneer in addition to the battalion commander and two ensigns. This stand was the first time I ever painted a cast flag (the King's Color), but I think I did a decent job. I also hand-painted the Regimental Color as well; I used printed flags for the 45th. I think I like the look of the painted flags better.

I've got some figures coming in the mail that are a bit odd-they are game pieces from the 1998 version of the board game RISK. They were really cheap on eBay and they should be about the right scale. Plus, this version of the game utilized pieces that have shakos and Napoleonic uniforms instead of the distinctly 18th Century uniforms of the latest edition's pieces. We'll see how it works.

Up next: maybe some French hussars?

Thanks for looking!


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