Sunday, November 24, 2013

5/60th Royal American Rifles

Hello everyone!
I was able to get these British Riflemen painted up quickly this afternoon (only having to paint four men for a stand makes them quick to complete). This one is a company from the 5th Battalion of the 60th Regiment of Foot, also called the "Royal Americans" from its formation during the aftermath of the American War of Independence, even though by the time of the Napoleonic Wars there were more Germans and other Europeans serving in the 60th than there were Royalist Americans. (Remember to click on the pictures for bigger versions.)

These figures are all wonderful AB sculpts that I purchased a long time ago with the rest of the figures that will represent the three companies of Riflemen from the 5/60th that was attached to Mackinnon's brigade of the 3rd Division. I've got them wearing the dark green jackets of the rifles faced in red, along with blue trousers piped in red. I've seen others paint the 5/60th with green trousers, but I've based these guys on a popular print that shows blue trousers:

One more stand of these guys and this unit will be complete. They will be considered a "tiny" unit in Black Powder.
Coming up: I've got the horses of a stand of 3e Hussars almost done; once they're knocked out then I've broken the backs of them and it won't take long to finish them. I've also dug out a motley collection from the lead pile to represent a stand of Portuguese infantry: more on them at a later date. I'm going to be pretty busy during school this week so it may be next Thursday or Friday before I can get any more painting done, but if anything comes along that is easy to write about then I'll do so.
Questions, comments and criticisms are always welcomed and appreciated. Thanks for looking!

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