Saturday, December 6, 2014

French Artillery Limber

Hello everyone!

Tonight I finished up the limber for my Artillierie a Pied battery (remember to click on the pictures for bigger versions).

The gun, limber, horses and outrider are all from the Italeri #6018 French Line/Guard Artillery and are thus 1/72 scale. This is a lot bigger than the figures that make up the rest of the battery (save for the commander), but it's the only French artillery limber that I have. Unfortunately, that Italeri set is of Horse Artillery (Artillerie a Cheval) not Foot Artillery, so the limber is not really correct for this battery; in fact, from my research the limber shown wasn't even used by the Horse Artillery all that much. But it was what I had and that's that.

The equipment is standard olive green with black hardware, and the horses are harnessed just like the baggage wagon I painted earlier. The outrider is wearing the uniform of the Train d'Artillerie--slate gray jacket and trousers faced in dark blue, with silver buttons and white cross belts. Since these Italeri figures are supposed to be Imperial Guard, the driver has epauelettes, tall shako plume and cord, which I've painted red like the uniform of the Guard, even though this is a line battery. A bit of artistic liscense on my part. Please forgive me, button-counters. :)

Coming Soon: Well, this was the biggest thing for my French battery, and now that it's knocked out it won't take me long to finish the other two guns and see this unit completed. I'll finish up the guns tonight and see if I can knock the crews out tomorrow after church.

Also, I did a little ebay cruising yesterday and found a mixed lot of painted and unpainted 15mm figures that I bought for cheap and I'll review when they arrive. I've also got a bid on a lot of 15mm Gribeauval cannons that will end tomorrow, and hopefully I can snag those as well. I'm cannon poor, and this is enough for another full battery.

Questions, comments and criticisms are always welcomed and appreciated. Thanks for looking!