Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New Figures and Big News!

Hello everyone!

Today the mixed lot of 15mm figures came in the mail and I had a little time to sort through them and figure out what all I got. Sometimes buying lots like this yield some things you both expected due to the item description, as well as a surprise at times. While everything I expected was there, there were a few surprises as well.

(Remember to click on the pictures for bigger versions.)

Russian Pavlovsk Grenadiers. These are of two different manufacturers, one wearing greatcoats, the other (mainly command figures) are not. I will probably base these up as is, as the painting is pretty good.

Initial Impressions

The package arrived with all of the figures crammed in together in a blister pack. The vast majority were painted to a decent standard, but some were just primed; only one was bare metal. Six of the figures had broken completely off their bases at the ankles, but there were only three broken bases, leading me to believe that the seller threw them in to get rid of them not that I mind. This belief was reenforced with the addition of a stand of three 6mm figures of unknown type or origin, though they look viking-esque.

AWI infantry that will be used as Spanish infantry. The three to the upper left (in while and light blue) are actual honest-to-goodness Napoleonic Spanish. Two of them don't have feet, but they have the bottoms of their bases.


All of these figures, though they are a mix of manufacturers, are all true 15mm figures. They are bigger than Heritage figures, about on par with Essex, and quite a bit smaller than AB and Fantassin.

French infantry. The four on the left are wearing overcoats, which will doom them to one of my second battalions, while the four on the right don't have feet.


There are five "groups" that I could break these figures down into: Russian Pavlovsk Grenadiers, Revolutionary War Americans (which I use as Napoloenic Spanish; there were actually three honest-to-goodness Spanish Napoloenic Infantry in there with them), French infantry, French artillery, and two "other" figures. Other than the French artillery, which are Minifigs, I cannot readily identify the makers of the other figures, though I can see at least three distinct sculpting styles among the rest. With such a disparity of manufacturers, quality is still pretty good. The painting on the Pavlovsk grenadiers is actually pretty good, with not a lot of chipping and such; I may keep them as is without stripping them and using them as is. I can't say the same for the Revolutionary War figures. There was one mounted figure, what looks like a Russian or Austrian Heavy Cavalry bugler, which did not come with a horse, but I have spare horses.

French artillerymen, all by Minifigs. These guys are wearing bicornes, which would indicate pre-1809 troops.

There were 48 figures in total, not including the 6mm vikings for which I have no use. The eBay lot description only mentioned 40 figs, so I got an 8 figure bonus. At $9.00 shipped, it averaged $0.19 a figure. This is a lot cheaper than I've bought metal figures for in the past, so I think I got a pretty good deal over all.

The "others." The first is either a Russian or Austrian Cuirassier bugler, with the distinct helmet and crest, while the second is a man with a hunting jacket and a top hat. Since I don't have Austrians the first will be a Russian, while I'll use the second as an American volunteer.
I also managed to strip most of the paint from the 15mm French cannon that arrived last week. They were a pain to strip, as they had been painted with a really thick, rubbery paint that I had to scrape off with a knife blade to get in the nooks and crannies, but they're clean as they're going to be now.

The guns: two twelve pounders, an eight pounder, and a howitzer.
And finally, the big news!

I'm joining the Navy! Being unemployed sucks, especially now that I'm well out of school and have nothing to do. I ship out in February, and I'm really excited to get started in a career in the Navy. As such, There probably won't be much in the way of blogging happening while I'm in boot camp and getting settled next year, but I'll be back. In the meantime, I have a month and a half to paint.

Coming soon: I'll probably base up the already-painted Pavlovsk Grenadiers. I'll have enough for a line stand as well as the command stand; I'll just have to make some flags and base them up. Then I need to finish up those Portuguese lads, then on to the 1/88th.

Questions, comments and observations are always welcomed and appreciated. Thanks for looking!