Thursday, December 11, 2014


Hello everyone!

Huzzah, the 3e Regiment de Hussards is done at last! Thank goodness! Here they are in all of their glory.

(Remember to click on the pictures for bigger versions.)

The three stands I most recently completed. All of them are rank and file troopers.

The entire Regiment lined up to charge. At almost a foot in total length (30cm), in line I could barely get them all in the same shot together!

The 3e Regiment de Hussards.
The regiment is made up of predominantly Heritage figures, with some Essex and an AB colonel. The colonel is actually the British Stapleton-Cotton figure painted up in the uniform of the French 3e; thankfully the major aspects of Hussar dress was pretty uniform, even across the armies of enemy nations.

The 3e's uniforms were grey with red and white piping, silver buttons, with grey pelisses edged with black fur. The pom-poms on the shakos are red, and the "elite" company is wearing colpacks (also called busbys) instead of shakos, in keeping with the tradition of elite formations wearing bearskins. The bugler (to the right of the colonel in the above pictures) is wearing reversed colors, with a red jacket and pelisse.

Since its formation as the 3e Hussars in 1791 until the end of the Napoleonic Wars, the regiment fought in a large number of battles all across Europe. From 1805 to 1815, the 3e participated in the following battles:

1805: Elchingen and Ulm; 1806: Jena, Magdebourg, and Gollup; 1807: Bartenstein, Langenheim, Hoff, and Guttstadt; 1808: Tudela; 1809: Calcabellos, Tanoris, Banos, Tamanies and Alba de Tormes; 1810: Ciudad-Rodrigo, Almeida, Leria and Alcoluto; 1811: Redhina and Fuentes-de-Onoro; 1812: Arapiles; 1813: Vittoria, Leipzig; 1814: Brienne, Montereau, and Sevenans; 1815: Belfort;

And the 3e earned battle honors at: Arlon 1793, Jena 1806, Friedland 1807, and Montereau 1814.

A big chunk of the 3e's time was spent in the Peninsula; that, as well as the fact that the 3e is Keith Carradine's character's regiment in The Duellists, is why I chose to paint up the 3e in the first place. And thank goodness they're done! I hate painting horses...

Also, today one of the ebay purchases I made arrived: four 15mm cannons!

Is it obvious that I like painting artillery almost as much as I dislike painting horses?
These were marketed as either British or American cannons from the American War of Independance, but as they are fairly standard Gribeauval carriages I'm happy to use them for another French Foot battery. The lot came with three guns (two eight pounders and a six pounder I'd say) as well as a howitzer, which is the same gun:howitzer ratio that I use anyway, so it worked out great. I've currently got these guns popped off their bases and soaking in a bath of Simple Green cleaner to strip the paint.

Coming soon: I've got a stand of Portuguese infantry started, then it's on to the 1/88th Regiment of Foot.

Questions, comments and suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated. Thanks for looking!


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