Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Ogre

Hello everyone!
So I decided that my French needed some reenforcements. Did I paint up another line battalion, a cavalry regiment, or artillery base, all of which are useful tactical units? Nope.
I painted up the Corsican Ogre himself: Napoleon I, Empereur des Francais.
(Remember to click on the photos for bigger versions)


All of these are Italeri 1/72 plastics from set 6016, French Imperial General Staff. In the group I've painted up Napoleon himself (on the white horse), General Count Bertrand, ADC to the Emperor (on the dapple gray in the back), a French Infantry Colonel reporting to the Emperor (on the black horse in front), and two members of Napoleon's personal bodyguard, the Chasseurs a Cheval (mounted on the brown horses). These are some of the snazziest uniforms I've painted so far, but it was a nice break from the many repetitive uniforms of foot soldiers.

I also tried my hand at doing a bit of battlefield scenery on the base. The little grey/black blob to the right of Napoleon is supposed to be a cannonball furrowed into the ground: however the plastic airsoft BB I cut up to make it is HUGE compared to the minis... I guess Napoleon's staff is the target of a Russian Unicorn battery or seige guns of some sort? It looks OK, and now that it's done I'm not going to change it.

As I stated in my earlier review of these plastics, the Italeri figs, while very detailed, are massive compared to pretty much all 15mm minis. However, I've decided that I don't care too much about the sizes, as long as they all look good on the tabletop. I'm the only one I have to please, afterall. :)

Coming up next? Who knows, whatever strikes my fancy, I guess. Maybe some British Riflemen, or French cavalry...

I would also like to welcome BibraX to the blog. I hope you enjoy all you see!

That's all for now. Thanks for looking!


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Aargh... Pirates!

Hello folks!

For those of you that follow this blog, I'm sorry at my infrequent postings. I'm still alive, I promise!

It is definately too late for it to be "tomorrow," but here are the promised pictures of the Baratarian Pirate Company for the American New Orleans Militia (remember to click on the pictures for a bigger version!):

Like they were supposedly in real life, these pirates are all wearing red. All of the miniatures are from the Spanish company Capitan Miniatures and they scale well with my AB figures, if a little rougher in finish. I still like them though.

I don't think I've even gotten my French Lancers out of their packages... real life has been laying it to me the past few months. We'll see what I can work on next...

Thanks for looking!