Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Naps, and a Review

My big shipment of 15mm Heritage minis came in today! Yay! Unfortunately they came in one big bundle, so I had to sort them out and put them in baggies based on my limited expertise. Here's what I got:

-36 Russian Infantry
-28 French Infantry
-22 French Artillerists
-11 French Hussars
-4 French Curassiers
-4 Landswehr/Militia
-2 Dismounted and 1 Mounted Mystery "Imperial Guard" (They have bearskins...)
-And 2 very lost Peninsular British Infantrymen

A total of 110 minis for less than $30!

First impressions:

Scaleability: These dudes are TINY, true 15mm figures. My AB Brits and French dwarf them, and so will the officers and guns that I bought from AB today to go with them. I will have to put them on slightly thicker bases to compensate for the height difference.

Quality: The casting quality varies from pretty good to just passable. I'll have trouble painting some of the figures, but overall it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Price: I can't beat the price, less than $0.28 a figure, including the cavalry. Especially considering these guys are out of production sculpts.

Overall: Not too bad, considering what I paid for them. They will make good fillers for units and won't look out of place if set by themselves. It will take a little bit of devious trickery on my part to get them to jive with the bigger AB figures, but I do enjoy a challenge. :)

I'll take pictures of them tonight, after my afternoon final.

More updates:

I finished the last two stands of U.S. Marines over the weekend, and I finished another stand of French on Tuesday. I'll post pictures of them tonight with those of my order.

Also, some more eBay victories: Battle Honours Portuguese Command and Minifigs British in March Attack pose. Currently I've got a bid up for 50 Old Glory British.

I purchased a few more AB figures today as well to go with my new minis, including some command figures for my new Russians, some cannons for my French artillerists and some Portugese infantry for my incoming Portuguese to command.

Well, that's it for now. Pics tonight after I slog through my engineering final. Ugh...


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