Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Salamanca Summer Painting Challenge Part 1

Hello everyone!

Well, today my order from Rob at Eureka USA came in with all of the minis that I need for my entries in the BRICOLE painting challenge! Yay! So, as per the competition rules, I took pictures of the figures "in the nude" so to speak:

This will be General Pakenham as part of the British Army command stand for my Battle of New Orleans project.
From left to right: MG Pakenham, dead redcoat, MAJ MacDougall (Pakenham's Senior ADC), dead redcoat, drummer, soldier, mortally wounded redcoat, and line officer.

And these chaps will make up a Russian Brigade command stand for the 1st Brigade of the 7th Division, led by Colonel Lyapunov. I've decided that the good colonel would be a man of musical inclination:
From left to right: COL Lyapunov, officer, fife player and drummer.

Hopefully I'll get some time this weekend to start work on them. Right now I'm back at school and this is a very busy week getting ready for classes to start and whatnot. I should also have a review done of the plastic miniatures that I recived this week when I got back.

One last thing, I'd like to welcome Der Feldmarscahll to the blog. May you enjoy your stay and that I make this humble blog entertaining enough to be worth staying for! :)

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