Friday, June 19, 2015

Waterloo 200

Hello everyone!

As you've no doubt ascertained from the deluge of blog posts and articles across the web, today is the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, which for all practical purposes signaled the end of Napoleon Bonaparte's Hundred Days campaign, his reign as Emperor of the French, and the end of the Napoleonic Wars as a whole. While I am in no position to play any Waterloo related battles, and I don't collect any 1815 armies, I thought I'd post the ABBA homage to the great battle instead.

Fierce fighting at the farmhouse at Hougoumont.
On a more serious note, let's not forget the 65,000 men on both sides who were killed or wounded on this day two hundred years ago. 200 years is a pretty long time... it makes you wonder what (and how) wargamers and historians alike will be posting about in another 200 years...

Coming soon: A book review, and maybe some painting.

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