Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Nassauer Conversions

Hello everyone!

Short post tonight. Over the last couple of days I managed to put together four of the Perry plastic Austrians to form the command stand for the 2e Regiment d'Infanterie de Nassau. For most of them the process was relatively straight forward after getting over the initial learning curve (I don't have much experience with multi-part plastic figures), all but the frickin drummer. That little b@$tard had a bunch of little pieces to put together, and after dropping half of them and more swear words than I care to admit to saying I finally got him together.

Following that little fiasco was over and I had cooled down for a day, I set about modifying the existing plastic parts to make their uniforms correct for Nassauers wearing the older 1806 uniforms. The officer was easy--I simply carved away his sash to give him a French-style greatcoat. I plan on keeping his pistol as I've seen similar holsters on Frenchmen in my Funcken books.

The drummer (darn him), pioneer and standard bearer were even easier conversions, only requiring a greenstuff plume on the left side of their helmets. I didn't even have to change the flagpole; since the Nassau regiments didn't carry Eagles, the existing spear point from the Austrian mini was perfect the way it was.

Nassau Pioneer

Nassau Standard Bearer

Nassau Drummer... the git
I got them primed last night, and tonight I plan on getting started on them. Thanks for looking!



  1. Nice work Chuck, I particularly like the Officer figure. You're not the only one who has trouble with these plastic figures. I nearly had a nervous breakdown with some 25mm GB Vikings!

    1. Thank you Ray! It's nice to know I'm not the only one!

  2. Well done chuck! I enjoy seeing people's conversions, great books in the next post!