Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Portuguese Infantry and Vistula Legion Command

Hello everyone!
Here are the rest of the stands that I finished last weekend. First up is another stand of Portuguese infantry.
(Remember to click on the pictures for bigger versions.)

I'm pretty sure that these are Minifigs, but I'm not positive. They are really supposed to be Waterloo British that I've repurposed as Portuguese in the Barretina shako.

Next up is the brigade commander for the Vistula Legion, Général de Brigade Józef Grabinski.

This is really the General Poniatowski mounted figure that came in the Strelets-R 1/72 set that I've painted up as the General Grabinski for the Visula Legion brigade command. As always, my brigade commanders are mounted on a 4cm diameter round base. Both the uniform and the horse furniture based on two pictures, one each of both Generals Poniatowski and Dabrowski:



This is the uniform of a general officer from the Grand Duchy of Warsaw, the kingdom that was created by Napoleon that included the majority of present-day Poland.

The standing officer is wearing the uniform of the 3e Régiment de la Légion de la Vistule, with yellow cuffs, collar and facings. The figure was wearing a sash. I've never seen a picture of a French officer of the Napoleonic Wars wearing a sash, so I was at a loss for what to color to paint this Pole's sash. I could not find anything on the Net about sash color, so I went to one of my books, An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars, which showed an officer in the 3e Polish Legion, which later became the Vistula Legion, wearing a silver and crimson sash. I said that it was good enough for me and painted it as such.

Coming up: probably won't get anything painted until sometime this weekend. Two more days of finals then my graduation on Saturday! Woohoo!

Questions, comments and criticisms are always welcomed and appreciated. Thanks for looking!


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