Monday, December 16, 2013

Spanish Granaderos

Hello everyone!
A real quick post tonight. I didn't have much time this weekend for painting, mainly due to the fact that my graduation was on Saturday and my grandparents came down for the ceremony. I was, however, able to finish up a stand of Spanish infantry, as well as get started on making some terrain for my games.
Tonight, I have for your viewing pleasure a stand of Granaderos of the Regiemiento del Rey, or the King's Regiment, of Spain. (Remember to click on the pictures for bigger versions.)

These lads are all Heritage figures; I had to scrounge through my lead pile to find some minis suitable for conversion to Spanish greandiers. Two of them (the drummer and fig on the front rank, far left) are "mystery Old Guard" figures that came in the Heritage lot I bought on eBay a long time ago, while the other four were French infantry. All of them had some knife and greenstuff work done to their headwear in order to make them into tall, plate-less bearskins with the distinctive elongated "bag" on the hat's back.

The uniform of the King's Regiment consisted of white jackets with royal purple facings, cuffs and collars, worn over white breeches with tall black gaiters. The bearskins of the grenadiers are dark brown with purple "bags" on the back, with gold, red and white embroidery. I've done my best to mimic the intricate and distinctivly Spanish embroidery pattern on the bearskins here.

Coming up: on the painting bases I have the King's Regiment's command stand, another stand of Portuguese infantry, and some more 3e hussars. I'll probably paint more Spanish next... now that school's out I have more free time to paint. I'm also working on some terrain, so that'll be up soon as well.

Questions, comments and criticisms are always welcomed and appreciated. Thanks for looking!


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