Monday, August 24, 2015

More Foundry Americans

Hello everyone!

Another order arrived in my mailbox today, this time three Foundry packs that I got deeply discounted online.

Two packs of American artillery crew and the American generals pack

And here they are all cleaned up
The artillery crews will be used for the American artillery battery I'm currently working on. Unfortunately one of the packs came with two dudes with ramrods, which is too many. This guy will be substituted with a spare American infantry officer I had from the infantry command pack, which I will paint up as an artillery officer. The four musket-wielding artillery figures will be pressed into service as infantrymen, as the uniforms were almost identical except in color.

One of the mounted generals will become Brigadier General John Adair, the Kentucky militia brigade commander at New Orleans. The foot figure in round hat will join Mitchusson's Regiment to replace the officer in round hat I stole from them last night, while the other (slightly modified) will become the battery commander for my American artillery battery. While I was cleaning up the mounted figures I managed to pop the sword hand off one of the figures--doh! I quickly fixed him up with some superglue and green stuff.

Not really in much of a painting mood tonight, so I'll set these aside for now. As always, the Foundry figs are really nicely done.

Coming soon: still waiting for lots of other stuff to arrive. If the mood strikes I may paint something during the week.

Questions, comments and criticism are always welcomed and appreciated. Thanks for looking!


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